AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards
AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards

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AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards

AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards is a personal growth and development deck with modern packaging elements such as soft touch finish and spot gloss highlights. A magnetic closure box is the perfect retail-ready solution. Holographic gold foil edging on cards adds a luxe detail. This product is a collaborative effort of wellness-minded people coming together to produce a useful, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing tool.

The team developed each card and element of the package with care and creativity buzzing through them.


44 cards: 22 Sumi ink illustrations and 22 digital illustrations with affirmations

1 guidebook: expands insight on each affirmation with graphic icons, poetry, and clever statements 

1 clear quartz crystal point: for intention setting, clearing, and charging the cards in the deck

Size: 6.75″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″