Awakening to Child Health

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Awakening to Child Health

Awakening to Child Health is a resource for developing a sensitive understanding of children. It is a resource for childcare professionals and parents who wish to follow their own intuition and sensibility for children's health.

The book addresses such questions as: How can we deepen our insights regarding children through personal experience? How can we better nurture, protect, and enhance our children's well being and care?

Drawing on Rudolf Steiner's understanding of child development, health, and holistic medicine, the author provides a comprehensive account of child and adolescent development, and informed by embryology and spiritual psychology.


  1. Meeting Children and Your Inner Child
  2. The Prenatal Journey of the Incarnating Child
  3. Body, Soul, and Spirit and the Three Births of Childhood
  4. The Heavenly Years from Birth to Three
  5. The Golden Years from Three to Seven
  6. The Beautiful and Healthy Years from Seven to Fourteen
  7. Puberty to Adulthood
  8. Seven Life Processes, Four Temperaments, Three Physical Types and Seven Character Types
  9. Awakening to the Self and Identity

Awakening to Child Health