And There Was Light

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And There Was Light

Stories from Genesis in the Old Testament light up for children (of all ages) the beginning of the world and the development of the human race. Rich language and deep insight into the nature of being human are the best of this book. Beautiful, delicate illustrations tickle the imagination with quiet, reverent images of the complexity and glory of life's beginning.As a bedtime story reader, a reader for a whole class, or a read-on-your-own, this is a gem!These tales travel off the beaten path of the actual Bible stories and illuminate the way of life before and following "the Fall." For children ages 9 to 12, these stories explain much about human nature, love, anger, aspirations, envy, ambition, hope, greed, spirituality in every soul, and the early ways of agriculture, housebuilding. and blacksmithing. With strong images and delicate imagination, the stories call to a moral development in the young (and in the old!) from these archetypes of familiar Bible stories. "The back story" in all cases fills the picture for children of why we are basically good and sometimes not so very good. For the nine to ten year old in particular this book will do a world of good for the child in describing the rising consciousness in his and her own self.

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