Mother Rising

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Mother Rising

Different from a baby shower, where gifts are lavished upon the soon-to-be-born child, a blessingway ceremony honors the mother-to-be and creates a circle of support that will cradle her as she prepares to give birth. Surrounded by the most important women in her life, she can explore the challenges and joys that lie before her, gaining a sense of power and confidence that will help her rise to motherhood. MOTHER RISING shows women how to organize and personalize a blessingway for the expecting friends and family-an experience that will give the mother-to-be the best possible gifts of deep happiness, serenity, and abundance of love.

  • A resource for planning and hosting a blessingway ceremony-a woman-centered celebration of the journey into motherhood.
  • Ideal gift for or from an expectant mother who wants a more meaningful and transformational experience than the traditional, gift-focused baby shower.
  • Outlines the five stages of the blessingway ritual, from establishing a safe and sacred space to honoring and pampering the mother-to-be.
  • Finalist in both the 2004 Independent Publisher Book Awards and Foreword magazine's Book of the Year Awards.
  • Features sidebars, inspirational quotations, resources, and checklists.

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