Organizational Integrity

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Organizational Integrity

All around us, we see living systems in plants, animals, and human beings. Our environment is alive, vibrant, and full of innate wisdom. Even the stars and planets speak in the language of ancient folklore to those who have ears to hear. Our very lives depend on this interdependence and on the myriad connections that surround us. Nonetheless, many people experience organizations as inert, bureaucratic, inflexible obstacles to innovation and human initiative. People have struggled for years under the weight of apathy in organizations such as large school systems, corporations, and government agencies such as FEMA.

Organizational Integrity attempts to reclaim and reconcile organizational dynamics with living systems. The wisdom found in human organs, minerals, planets, and even sacred geometry is used to reinvent organizations. Organizations are supposed to serve, and their forms and structures should mirror the living systems of those who have come together with common purpose. We need to change our ideas of organizations and establish a new paradigm so that future organizations will be worthy of the people in them.

Dr. Finser makes the case that we need a new ecology of organizations, and that now is time for a new revolution that creates dynamic, living organizations by the people and for the people. Moreover, he shows us how to achieve this seemingly impossible task by “organ-izing” organizations. Just as democracy has transformed much of the world, through the genius of the human body we can transform organizations into living systems that serve and protect human interests.

Here is a truly unique approach to the age-old process of bringing people together in healthy, effective organizations to better the world we live in.


Part I: Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

The Complete Human Being
Beyond Memories
The Long Journey

Part II: Organs and Organ-izations

Heart Knowledge
The Kidney
The Liver
The Spleen
The Lungs
Dual Organs
Corpus Callosum and Other Matters

Part III: Other Aspects of Human Physiology

Is there a Skeleton in your Closet?
Salt, Mercury, Sulfur
Sense Perception: Eye and Ear

Part IV: Leadership

Testing Our Metal as Leaders
Planetary Influences
The Geometry of Groups
Systems Thinking

Part V: Healthy Organ-izations

What is a Healthy Organ-ization?
The Consultation Process
The Lily and the Rose

Organizational Integrity