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“The human biography is a symphony that each individual personally composes” (Bernard Lievegoed). Each individual’s path in life is a unique “work of art.” Nevertheless, we each encounter certain universal milestones, from the period of adolescence to old age. Regardless of our backgrounds, we must all pass through critical outer and inner stages. 

A bestseller since it was first published, Phases describes the various periods of human life―adolescence, the twenties, the thirties, the forties, and on into old age―looking at the inner qualities and challenges that come with each stage. The author states that conventional physiological and psychological explanations of the human being are incomplete. Unless the inner self, or I-being, of each individual is recognized and acknowledged, the unique characteristics of one’s unique life path and its challenges cannot have real meaning.

Bernard Lievegoed―psychiatrist, educator, and anthroposophist―brought half a century of clinical practice, studious observation, and personal insight into the writing of this book. His overview of the course of human life and vocation, of male-female relationships, and of the sometimes-misleading picture of the human being presented by the various psychologies, have made this book essential reading for all those interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries.


1. Surveying the Terrain
2. The Course of Life
3. Male and Female Development―Marriage
4. Basic Life Orientations
5. Career Prospects and Personnel Policy
6. Images of Man, Biography, and Psychotherapy
7. Personal Development and Biography