School Renewal

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School Renewal

As a result of today's crisis in education, people are beginning to realize that schools involve far more than providing children with knowledge and skills. Schools are communities and, like all communities, may be healthy or unhealthy. 

School Renewal addresses the problems and challenges of a school community. Through the use of fairy tales, myths, and the personal experience of Waldorf education, Torin Finser describes how both teachers and parents can come to grips with common problems such as burnout, interpersonal conflicts, and the traps of routine. 

Most important, the author stresses that an educational community must come to terms with the many unseen dimensions of each individual. He shows how these little-understood aspects of the mind can be cultivated and nourished to keep the school and education alive.

School Renewal does not offer mere formulas, dogmas, or slapdash solutions. Instead, it encourages a new way of thinking about education and personal growth―for children and for the adults who care about them. 

C O N T E N T S:

1. Introduction
Stained-glass Windows
Ewen’s Heart Cup

2. Sarah’s Story
One Day in the Life...
Three Years Later...
Meanwhile, back at School...
Nowhere to go

3. It’s a Balancing Act
Two Companions on the Journey
Another Companion
The Spark of Life
Technology and Faith

4. Looking in the Mirror
The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
The Martyr
Personal Change
I Need to Be Loved

5. Tools for the Inner Journey
Remember when...
Reading Destiny
Learning to Pray Again

6. Relating to One Another
Soul Landscapes
To Be Alone or Together
Mentoring and Evaluation

7. Learning Group Skills
Stages of Group Development
Separation and Return
Affirming Decisions

8. Leadership and Community
Parent Evenings
The New Community


School Renewal