Slow Counseling

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Slow Counseling

Our modern world is speeding up. It has become fast in so many ways. Yet the important things take time. The Slow Food Movement was begun by an Italian who insisted that a good meal was meant to be enjoyed―in the preparation and in the eating and in the cleaning up. In the world of counseling, fast therapies and one-pill fix-its skip past the soul work.

Heart and soul prefer slow. “Fast” skips the enjoyment―and the healing. This book gathers counselors of many kinds―licensed psychologists, other professionals, as well as lawyers, wedding planners, physiotherapists, school administrators, and good friends―to comment on what are the most enjoyable and effectively healing ways of relating between human beings.

C O N T E N T S:

Slow Counseling: An Introduction by David Tresemer

Anthropos Sophia Psyche Logos ― David Tresemer
Counseling―in India ― Parimal Pandit
Anthroposophic Psychotherapy ― Inés María Iturralde
It Takes Time ― Heidi Rose Robbins
Beatrice Birch on Slow Counseling ― Beatrice Birch
The Role of the Counselor in the School Setting ― Cynthia Taylor
The Gift ― Susan Lanier
One Day at a Time: John’s Long Journey ― Claudia McLaren Lainson
Meeting the Young Person Authentically ― Gabriel Cannon
Relationship as a Pathway to Growth ― Lila Sophia Tresemer
A Drinking Problem ― David Tresemer
Slowly Following the Leads ― Jennifer Stickley
The Soul’s Longings Are like Seeds ― Rudolf Steiner
The Art of Living: Slow Counseling and Art Converge ― Micheal Hooker
A Physiotherapist Goes Slow ― Dave Heap
Depression: Seen through an Anthroposophic Lens ― Margit Ilgen
Finger Pointing at the Moon ― David Tresemer


Slow Counseling