The Wisdom of Waldorf

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The Wisdom of Waldorf

This is a beautiful gift book containing 100 inspirational reflections on Waldorf education and schools to mark the Waldorf 100 anniversary.

In 2019 the worldwide Waldorf community celebrates the centenary of the founding of the original Waldorf school, the first of thousands of Waldorf schools and kindergartens around the globe. This wonderful book celebrates the unique value that Waldorf education has brought to students, parents and communities.

The 100 reflections are both historical quotations from key figures from Waldorf history, including Rudolf Steiner, as well as original words of wisdom from eminent members of the modern Waldorf community worldwide. Alternatively insightful, moving and empowering, the carefully selected thoughts in Wisdom of Waldorf will be a source of enrichment and inspiration.

This hardback book is beautifully hand-designed with a jacket and ribbon marker, making it both an ideal gift and a treasured keepsake.


The Wisdom of Waldorf