The Witch's Knot

Helga Conklin

The Witch's Knot

Mairi learns there is a darker side to the Fae Folk and humans alike. When Mairi enters the Faerie Realm along with her cousin Anne, her brother Jamie, and a mysterious spirit cat named KA, in search of the humans kept captive by the faeries, they encounter changelings, giants, and bloodthirsty fae while battling accusations of "witch" and are shadowed by the druid Ewan MacDonald seeking revenge. Autumn is a darker time for everyone, and Mairi has only one agenda; to prove her dad never died. This is the second book in the Celtic Magic series. The first book, The Trinity Knot, relays the story of how Mairi came to be magical after the death of her dad. Weaving Celtic Fairy Tales with the Scotland of centuries ago and the California of modern day, these two books provide an insight into the Celtic ancestry many Americans share with the United Kingdom. 

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